• "Cristina Bowerman, chef Ambassador of Expo Milan 2015"


  • "...Glass is beautiful, it is an ultra-modern gem,

    warm and cozy despite the purity of the design, situated in a neighborhood famous in the world for its peeling walls, and the ivy that clings to the old buildings ... "

Fabio Spada

I was born from a mom coming from Langhe and my dad was Sicilian, so I grew up between the grill of the one and the braised in Barolo wine of the other.
They expected I would become a notary, so I have tried to mediate pretending as an accountant.
I ended up spending ten years of my life as a theatrical manager.

I enjoyed it, I met thousands of people, worked with hundreds, I toured Italy. I arrived early in the morning, also before the technicians, and my first concern was "what is the best restaurant in the country and does it will wait for us after the show?"

I had dinner in icy baroque halls and taverns in warm, I tasted incredible products and secretly spilled horrible wines in the plants. I had dinner with mayors talking about politics and getting drunk with the priests.
 Then I thought that it was time to stop working and I chose the most similar job to theater: restaurants.

A couple of steps with my partner Silvia, just to take aim and then, in 2004, finally Glass Hostaria.
 Three more years and then it was the turn of Bir & Fud.
 They both reflect my understanding of restaurants. Quality, innovation and categorical choices, extreme, sometimes provocative, often upstream.

Today it's time of Romeo (where I deal with the dining service, also the wine with Alexander Roscioli and I provide to replace burned out light bulbs): another challenge, another arrogant attempt to draw a possible better future for restaurants quality.